Sunday, April 13, 2008

Slogging along in stockinette

Ever since Wednesday, I've felt like I'm slogging through a sea of stockinette. Most of the times I really like st st, or garter st, or something really easy. This's beginning to bore me.

This is the Green Gable sweater from

It's knit top down and the first several inches have an interesting lace pattern.

After that, though, it's all plain knitting. Usually I pick a project like this on purpose, since I like just knitting along, but this time it's bugging me. I think I really am going to like the finished product, but in the meantime.... ho hum.

It's to the point where I need to try it on and adjust accordingly.

To postpone that, I started on my UM sweater again. This is the one that I started during the Duke game, having no pattern, but just casting on the number of stitches that went nicely around my needle. It needed some measuring to continue, so tonight I measured. And continued.

While it's still fun to change colors, it's still only stockinette.

Hmmm....maybe a sock. No, wait. It's stockinette too.

Maybe cast on something new?

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valéria said...

And?? Did you do that??? ;) casting on something new? I'm still with the does that sounds??? Well I'm crocheting some granny scares now just to stay away from my ufo's I guess....shhhsssshhhhhh...