Sunday, May 04, 2008

2008 MDSW

This was my fourth year at the MD Sheep and Wool Festival. DD#2 accompanied me for the third year. We got going on time and got there at 8:40am.

This, I believe, is the most exciting thing that happened all day.

Just behind where I'm standing is my car. In front of me? Not a humongous sea of cars.

The little line between the sets of cars is the walkway, and the green roof is where you go in. All those cars in the background are handicapped. I managed to get 5 cars into a new row--the closest I've ever parked.

(Here's where I show you the picture of the whole sea of cars that were behind me when I left.... Oh, that's right. I didn't charge my batteries and the camera didn't want to work....)

Anyway, it was wonderful.

Tomorrow there will be pictures of my stash (once the batteries have charged...) Today I have a couple of pictures of my day.

DD#2 tried her annual "Please, mom, can we have a bunny?" But I held strong.

Here's the crowd about lunchtime. It was on and off hazy like this. Perfect sweater weather. (I had on my newly made Green Gable sweater but didn't take a picture. natch.)

We were expecting to stay the whole day, then go to the Baysox game in the evening, but we were too efficient in shopping. The things on my list and my money were finished at the same time and we ran out of things to do.

We killed some time eating some ribbon chips, but it was early enough in the morning that there wasn't even a line.

We also avoided the other lines. We stopped at a rest stop on the way, and didn't drink much, so didn't need to stand in the dreaded bathroom line.

I didn't particularly like the t-shirt designs this year, so avoided that line. (That by itself would've killed an hour.)

We brought other food from home, so didn't need to stand in a lamb gyro line.

For some reason we missed the sheep dog demonstration.

We did look at some sheep.

By 12:30, though, we were back in the car and headed home. It was a nice day, but we were tired. After a short rest, we got back in the car and headed north to the Baysox game.

It's a little bit crazy to do both in one day, but DS#2 had a free ticket for last night and he really wanted to go. He had the ticket for reading appreciation, so we got to go onto the field with all the other readers.

It was weird to watch a game where
1) None of my kids were playing and
2) We don't really know anything about the team.

The kids had fun, though, and I did some knitting.

Once my batteries are charged, I should have stash pictures.


valéria said...

Nice you had such a great weekend. :-)
It looks very busy the wool fair but will patiently wait for the photo's ;-)
Always nice to get your car near the place so you don't have to walk so far.

~Lynn~ said...

Thank you for sharing your fun! Wish I lived nearby to go to one of those..but I don't. And I hate to fly. If I fly, won't have any money to buy yarn with. lol

Enjoy reading your blog. And your knitting projects are beautiful. You are a wonderful knitter. Thanks for sharing.