Sunday, June 10, 2007

Five Random Things

Since all I've been knitting is my Katrina Rib sweater, and I'm only a couple of inches further (i.e. no interesting pictures), let me entertain you with five random things.

1. I have a slow, dial-up modem which makes for a very slow internet usage. While waiting for a page to load I do one of the two following things:
a) knit (a good idea)
b) load another page at the same time (bad idea). Why do I think that if the page is loading slowly, that starting another slowly loading page will give me something to do? Well, I guess it does if waiting twice as long is something to do.

Today while blogging I decided to order this t shirt from

The description reads: “knit is the mirrored image of purl”

Cool, huh?

2. Whenever I sit down at the computer, the dog has to go out. This happens whether I sit down four times a day, or ten.

3. Sometimes the dog will bark at me if I'm spending too long at the computer and he thinks I need to sit down on the couch. (That is, if he's already been out.)

4. Why is it that if you NEED to eat chocolate, only certain chocoates will satisfy? I'm not really a chocolate connoisseur. (Yes, I did start Word to check the spelling of connoisseur. Thanks for asking.) But....sometimes only certain chocolates will do. My Ghiradelli chocolate chips were not it. I think that's all the chocolate in the house, though. Unless I make brownies. And I still have time.... Well, there's always time for brownies.

5. The younger kids are done with school for the summer. In the first hour of DS#1 being home I heard, "I'm bored. There's nothing to do. I need a friend to play with." Yep, it's going to be a long summer.

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