Friday, June 08, 2007


I've been working on my Katrina Rib sweater this week. Almost continuously I've been worrying that it'll be too small.

See what I mean?

Worrisome, isn't it? (is that a word, and is that how you spell it?)

I finally got it long enough to be worth trying on, so I put it on some scrap yarn, and I did. (Yea, that sentence has problems. Sometimes I wonder why I write a blog and can anyone even understand what I mean with so many grammar and spelling errors. Sorry, grammar avengers!)

Well, surprisingly enough, it actually fits quite comfortably. (Other than the arms, which I can blame on the scrap yarn stitch holders that I didn't loosen up.) I'm going to continue on. I also have most of two skeins left so there's hope there also.

Baseball news:

In case you want some baseball news, DS#1 got drafted today in the 34th round to the Cubs. It's exciting, but at the same time a bit disappointing. It was much lower than he expected this year. He has another year of college to go (with a scholarship), so he has a decision to make.

In the meantime, he's coming home to visit. That means I'll be cleaning his room this weekend. And cooking. maybe I'll do some of that.


valéria said...

looks good ruth :-) i wonder although about how you got into such a small sweater. Love the color. And don't worry about the language...i understand..hihi...and would never ever say anything about it as i'm always checking my writen thingies with the on line dictionary ;-)

thanks for the link for the sock blockers. I've decided to make them myself from some woodscraps. I'll let it shown on my blog.

Have a nice weekend with your family and take care :-)

Diane said...

I'm so glad your sweater fits. Congrats to your son. Cleaning? Cooking? Maybe you'd better knit a little