Friday, June 15, 2007


It's been a stripey week with scraps. It's my favorite way of using up odd balls.

The Magic 28 socks are done. Pair #4 out of 28.

A hat. The colored yarn was spit spliced together as I went along. (To the horror of DD#2. The family has gotten used to me knitting in public. The spitting? Not so much.)

I've also been working on my Katrina Rib sweater. It's to the point on the bottom where if I just knit eleventy-seven more rows, I'll get that last inch I need. So far I've done that twice. Eleventy-seven rows times two equals: umm.... moving on....

I have bound off my sweater and have it on while I took these pictures and write the blog. I'm deciding if it's long enough. I don't think so. Sigh. At least the yarn is still attached, so no biggie. (Well, a little biggie. I'll have to un-bind off, knit eleventy-seven more rows to get that extra inch, and bind off again.)

Here's the yarn ball with the hat.

Here it is hiding in the other hat that I knit.

Can you tell I'm loving these hats? No new hats have been started, but I do have more odd balls....

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