Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yesterday involved a trip to the dentist. DS#2 and I both needed fillings. DS got taken in about 15 minutes after our scheduled appt. I was an hour later.

I choose to think that they took a kid early so he wouldn't get nervous, rather than that another person was scheduled in between us two. That would be poor planning.

When we went in, I scanned the waiting room. There were 8 adults sitting around with no kids. (Meaning....oh no, this will be a long wait. See above.) Not only were they sitting there, but only one adult was playing with her phone, and the rest were just sitting. For a long time.

It was very odd. No one was even looking through the stack of old magazines.

I brought my knitting. This is how much I got done in the dentist's office.

I even took it back and knitted while the novicane kicked in. The dentist and hygenists were all fascinated by my knitting. No one questioned it, and they all thought it was cool.

Afterwards, I knit while the kids ate pizza at the mall (I had plenty of novicane.)

The End
(I have trouble writing a concluding sentence. I know I just drop off the topic without finishing. That's also how I talk. "The End" looks better than nothing, right?)


valéria said...

Hi ruth,
oh my it was dentistday yesterday wasn't it???..we also went to my dentist. Paul also need fillings so he must come back in the holiday..bummer... I gladly had nothing and got a compliment from my dentist that i had brushed very well.

Hope you're fine now and not sore from the shot novacane ;-)
take care...

Diane said...

Isn't it amazing how people can just sit there and do nothing? I'm with you; bring along a sock and knit my time away.