Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Time will tell

I'm nearing the end of this season's baseball knitting. DS#1's season is over--losing in the Regionals this past weekend, and DS#2 will be starting the playoffs next week. However, DS#2 had a game tonight, so this is what I was working on.

It's the Katrina Rib sweater written by Cookie A. I'm using Cascade Sierra that a worsted weight 80% pima cotton, 20% wool blend.

This was started on June 1, so this is how far I've gotten in 5 days. Not bad for me. It's a top down pattern, using 3x3 ribbing, with a section of 2x2 ribbing that travels sideways as the sweater is knit. You can see the sleeve spots that are on scrap yarn. They're patiently waiting for me to finish the body first.

Yes, it really is a deep purple color.

Yes, it does match my folding chair almost exactly.

Yes, I do keep going back to the purple shades.

Not only do I have the ever present fear: "Will I run out of yarn?",

but it's joined by: "I know this is supposed to be stretchy, and I took time to do the gauge, but will it fit?"

Time will tell.

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