Sunday, June 17, 2007

Katrina Rib

The Katrina Rib sweater is done. I have knitted eleventy-seven more rows onto the bottom for that extra inch. The men in my family were asked to give an opinion.

"Is it long enough?" I asked yesterday.

"Make it a bit longer," they both replied.

As I debated with them, they started to smile uncertainly and back away towards the door. They looked like deer caught in the headlights, afraid that the next question would be "do I look fat in this?"

Anyway, I took their advice and am satisfied.

The sweater hasn't been blocked yet (nor the pants ironed), but I'm happy.

Pattern notes: Katrina Rib sweater by Cookie A., written shortly after Hurricane Katrina happened and where she donated $ for each pattern purchase. The traveling rib in the front reminds me a bit of a hurricane.

US size 6 needles, using the small pattern size because I used worsted weight rather than DK weight yarn (I did a swatch, with actually worked!). It looks very skinny and long, so if you do this pattern, try it on.

The yarn was Cascade Sierra, 80% pima cotton, 20% wool. The color really is royal purple, even though in the pictures it can look blue. I had at least half of a skein left over, so it took four skeins. (The sleeves directions were: pick up stitches, knit in pattern for TWO rows, bind off. Not much yarn usage there, even when I doubled it and did FOUR rows.)

It was started on June 1st, so took only 17 days, with a break in the middle. Definitely a nice pattern.


valéria said...

Hi ruth,

wow that looks great, didn't thought it would as seen on the photo in older posts. But now that you've it on it looks realy fine and the color is pretty!!!

I thought i had send a comment on the posting with the socks and hat(s) but i guess i didn't...
That looks great to, the hat is pretty and i like the colors on that.

Yep can imagine how the family looked, here they get a sudden very big interest in the film on tv although it might be a tearjerker..they don't mind as long as they don't have to respond to whatever i'm asking about knitting or sewing...sigh....boy's..... ;-)

Diane said...

Very nice and screams "summer here I come". Ironing pants? I usually just wet them and throw them back in the dryer. Ironing takes away from knitting time. lol