Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I've been training for the Knitter's Olympics, in which I will make myself and everyone around me crazy, while consuming WAY too much chocolate and coffee. So...I've been swatching....and buying chocolate.....

Both have me worried, however. How to measure a swatch of K2P1 rib? If it's totally unstretched, then I'm an inch too narrow. But, it hasn't been washed yet. Hmmmm..... Gonna have to decide something soon.

I'm also worried about my chocolate. Even though I bought a full bag of hearts just today, I'm not sure they'll make it til Friday. And if I need to (and I NEED to) consume chocolate for every day of the Olympics, this might pose a problem. (Nevermind the weight gain.) I made brownies today in the hopes of diverting attention from the hearts.

Finished the afghan for work (Warm Up America style). Washed, dried, and ready to go. Still have a slanting action going on, but I don't plan on trying to block acrylic. This will have to do.

I might have cast on for a new set of wristwarmers. It was suggested that I take a break and rest before the Olympics. (Obviously not by a knitter. :) I'm feeling fickle tonight, though, so this is as far as I got.

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