Friday, February 24, 2006

Day Fifteen: Fighting with my mind

Question: If you spit splice while having a candy heart in your mouth, will it still work?

Answer: Yes, but it will make your hand sticky.

That's my experiment for today, folks.

Spit splice: A technique used to join 2 ends of feltable yarn by cutting half the plies of each back about 4 inches, "spitting" on them (yes, really), lining up the leftover plies, then rubbing them together in your hands until you feel the burn and they are joined together in one seamless (but sticky) strand.

It's wonderful. No weaving in ends. Just a slightly gross factor.

Working on the sleeves. Thought I'd try doing 2 sleeves at once. I've heard this is the way to go. This way there will be 2 sleeves knit exactly the same without a lot of guesswork...."Gee, I wonder what I did on line 45. And did I modify line 83 in some way? What kind of increases did I use?"

However, my mind fought against me the whole time.

"If you make a mistake, you have TWICE AS MANY stitches to rip out.

What if you go back and forth twice on one sleeve before getting back to the other?

These strands of yarn get tangled up so easily. You have to straighten them out on every row.

You're running out of markers.

This is taking SO LONG!

Who wants to be knitting with this long circular, anyway?"

(I just read what I wrote. Trust me, even though in the picture I didn't have tangled yarn, didn't use many markers, the circular isn't that really was running through my head.)

Uncle! I give! One sleeve at a time will go faster, on short circs, with not nearly as many ends to untangle.

My mind has moved onto other things.....









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