Sunday, February 12, 2006


To all athletics come some setbacks. Some are major, like having to pull out of the competition due to a groin injury.

Some are minor, like losing your luggage.

So it is with this athlete.

It was going swimmingly (or maybe skate-ingly) along. On Day Two, I had completed this much:

Check out the snow. We got some after all. Plus a power outage that lasted 11 hours. Sounds like prime knitting time, doesn't it? HA!

First, I had to conquer the sinking realization this morning of "hey, how do I drink my coffee?" Do I just crunch some instant crystals between my teeth? Drank some Mountain Dew while thinking. Once we started our wood stove I put some water on top to heat up and voila! coffee.

Then, some people at this house expected me to do something OTHER than knitting. Like playing games where I had to concentrate. Card games, that kept my hands occupied. Card games with adults (or almost adults) where I had to pay attention, and play quickly.

Card games that I had no hope of winning. The only training I did was for Team Chocolate. And I trained well.

After a lot of non-knitting time, and some contemplation, and some soul searching, and electricity, and more coffee, my sweater became this:

Yep, it was too small. No matter how much convincing I tried with myself, I couldn't believe that it would fit. Measured it against me. Measured it against my favorite ribbed sweater. Had a couple of "That looks WAY too small, mom" comments.

So here it is, Day 3 at 7:15 p.m. Sigh. The setbacks of an athlete.


Knit Wit said...

Hey Ruth, don't take it too hard, Sean white fell down in the first round and he just won the Gold :)

Better now than after you finish it and find out it's too small, after all...

Birdsong said...

Don't give up yet! This is a lovely color.. and actually, doing without power because of a storm is always great for the soul in other ways.. spoken by a mountain resident who has survived lots of several-day outages over the years.