Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl knitting

Here's what I knit during tonight's Super Bowl:

A drop stitch scarf! We went to our church tonight for the first half of a Chili cookoff/Super Bowl party. I put my chair down, got some food, and by the time I came back I found myself next to a lady who knits. When she saw my knitting, she went and got hers and we found ourselves both making drop stitch scarves! Pretty cool, huh?

Mine is made with the yarn from my LYS, purchased a week or so ago, plus my first attempt at spinning:

It's lumpy and bumpy, but I love it all the same. I finally got it knitted up into something useful. Not good spinning, but it will be a fun memento.


Laura said...

It's beautiful! I just came buy to see if you had started spinning yet as I am finally getting around to posting your pic for the Fest site!

Laura said...

oops! and now I see the date, lol!