Saturday, February 18, 2006

Day Nine: I knew better

DS#2 and I went to the Awana games this morning. What an event it was! Color-coded teams. Practicing for the relays. TONS of kids and parents--all screaming at the top of their lungs. The worst was the high screeching that is common among 5-6th grade girls. Yikes! Didn't really need to drink my coffee this morning after all (well, at least the third cup) since that shrieking would've kept me awake.

So I took my KO knitting with me. I'm now on the front, and having to do a bit of counting. After just finishing the wonderfully precise 19 page pattern of the Rogue, this pattern is a letdown. I have to follow this stitch count here, while doing this center panel there, of which cable section is explained over there, all the while decreasing as for the back.

I knew better than to try this amongst the screaming kids (did I mention that they were screaming? How about the fact that the person 2 rows in front of me stood up and waved a pompom at the end of every race right in front of my face?) I kept's going good. I must be getting better to be able to follow all these directions without making a mistake.

HA! (I knew better, but did it anyway.)

When I got home, I realized that I was decreasing every 2 rows, not every 4. Of course. Gotta rip out on each piece else it's not really a knitted item.

Here it is at the end of today. (It really is Day Nine. Yesterday I goofed. It wasn't Day Six's work, but Day Seven's. I guess I'm hoping for more days.)

It's displayed on the afghan that I use every day. I crocheted this afghan using the basketweave pattern during the time between when I graduated from college and got married, 22 years ago. It was just at this time of year, since I watched the Olympics while crocheting massive amounts of yarn. Since then I've used it almost every day, and it's held up quite well.

The handwarmer in DK wool is too small. Here it is on DD#2's hand. Notice the finger joints are showing. (where they're connected to the hand--what's that called?) The thumb area is also too small. Back to the frog pond.

I knew better.

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