Monday, January 25, 2010

Where the train got derailed

I've set aside the month of January as the month of finishing. The first project I decided to work on was my Cobblestone sweater. Every day I did a bit of knitting, spinning, plying, and knitting.

Finally, it got to the point of trying it on, and that's when the train got derailed.

Hmmm.... Not sure I like it. At all.

The purple is not intense enough. but there's too much of it. And it's too bulky.

Now what?

I've been pondering that for the last week as it sits in the corner (who am I kidding? It's on the floor where I flung it in disgust.)

Finally, I got around to taking a picture to show you my dilema.


It's not so bad after all. (Although my hair could use some help!)(And check out that paper scrap that says the needle size--very attractive, don't you think?)

Maybe I should finish it. (There are 5 rows left, although I have to spin more purple yarn. Or use the red/purple yarn--I have enough of that.)

What do you think?

1 comment:

Lynn said...

I love it! It looks great on you and I think the red/purple would be a great way to tie in the bottom with the top. Either way, it looks great.