Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My red and black "let's cheer the team on" socks are done.

My newest penguin is inspecting them.

DD#2 came into the room about this time and suggested that I put my feet under its wings to take a picture that way.

What? Are you crazy? That involves stomach muscles that left me in 1986. (Coincidentally, the same year as the birth of my first child.)

"If I don't get a good picture the first time, it'll be your turn."

These are the ones she took, along with about 10 other ones.

Show off!

Plain vanilla pattern. 68 sts on size 1 needles.70 row cuff, 74 row foot. 19 st pickup on heel side.
Yarn: Special ordered and dyed just for me from Ray at I have enough to do (or rather, re-do) a pair of gloves plus maybe another pair of socks.

1 comment:

valéria said...

Awwww that's so cute....playing with your penguin hehehe ;o) Pretty socks and nice going with that pinguin...I'm not able to do the same...not only musscles but aching musscles from nearly falling often with slippery roads and pavement over here......

I enjoyed also looking at the pinguin collection and like the decoration on the stairway, the green things I mean.
Take care
Valeria :o)