Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Thursday

That is, if it is Thursday. I've been a bit unsure all day.

Here are some random thoughts and odds and ends, in no particular order:

1. I try my best to keep a piece of plain knitting around to take to events. Unfortunately, when I carry it inside the house, I tend to work on it until it's complete. Even though I work on other projects, I think my favorite is plain, non-thinking knitting.

The good news is: I've cast on for a new sock. (Not the ones I need to start, just the ones I'm going to work on while deciding about the others.)

These made it to the B-ball game last night. DD#2's team won, but then she had to stay for the varsity game and that went into double overtime. And then they lost. It was quite a night.

But I got some knitting done.

More charity socks in the works--these will be going to Mittens-for-Akkol.
68 sts, size 1 dpns.

2. Even though it looks like from my snowy pictures that we don't have any neighbors, we actually do have some. We all have 2-5 acres down here in the back. I can see a house out of each window, but the closest are in the front and the back. The house out front used to have horses and came with a really pleasant aroma, especially in the summertime. I haven't seen or smelled them lately, so maybe there's none there now.

We aren't really close to anything, though. The nearest anything-of-importance is at least 7 miles away. (grocery store, post office, what have you.) However, in last few months a Papa John's pizza opened up close enough to deliver! It was a happy day, I tell you. (Not that we actually have it delivered, we go get it. It's just the thought that we could have it delivered.)

3. My big penguin was my newest addition to my penguin collection. I put them out on the table for Christmas and leave it up until the end of January. (My Christmas tree is another story--that's just not put away 'cause I'm too lazy. And I'd rather knit.)

4. I have not had any more needles show up around here, even though I tried to shame them into showing themselves. All I have to say, is that if there a needlegnome, I'm sure that he doesn't want me to send my yarn to the Netherlands! (And I don't even own any Malabrigo!)(Note to self: really must buy some yarn.)

5. Happy Blogversary to me! I missed it again--it was 7 days ago. I've actually been writing this since Jan. of 2005, and some of you crazy people have been hanging around since then! Thanks a bunch for sticking with me. (I'm not quite sure how you did, though. Not even my English course helped with my disjointed sentences.)

6. Since January is my "finishing" month, I've been working on finishing my Cobblestone sweater. Almost every day I've been doing something on it: spinning, plying, washing, knitting, worrying.

Today, I joined the sleeves and started to knit the bodice.

"Wow! I can see the end of the tunnel!!!" I thought. (That random piece of paper on the sleeve actually says 10.5-- the needle size that I used in case I put it aside for another year. Aren't you proud of me?)

Three rows later, I thought, "This bodice is going to take absolutely forever! And I most likely will run out of yarn!"

But, I'll keep plugging along in hopes that I'm incorrect. (Why is it that I can be wrong about a lot of things, but when I think I'm going to run out of yarn, I'm almost always right?)

This is what I have left.

Not so much, considering the first ball is almost used up on 3 rows.

Sigh. I have a bit of the red/purple twist left. Maybe that will make a nice neckband.

That's enough random things for today. Maybe I can have an orderly tomorrow. (But probably not.)


valéria said...

Damn...she didn't fall for malabrigo?? Woman get'll never be the same again I promise ;o)

It's lovely and it's foundling all the way when it arives so trying to enable you into going to a nice yarn shop ;o)

I love that sock yarn...sweet... I tend to go and stay with my own but this will also be great to make me some nice socks with and with black as well...hmmmm

Still my budget is too tight yet but I can drool can't I???
Have a great day and take care
valeria :o)

Lynn said...

I agree, my favorite knitting is the basic non-thinking variety too!

Love the other socks you just finished too.