Wednesday, January 27, 2010

They can all suffer

I bit the bullet last night and finished my Cobblestone sweater. Today it is blocking on DH's side of the bed. One of the very few perks to him being away on vacation a business trip. (I always think vacation even though I know he's working hard. But....he is in Florida....)

I think I like it better than I used to. At least, I like it well enough that I'm not ripping it out. I'll model it again for you in the daytime when it's dry.

However, DD#2 and DS#1 both don't like it. DS went so far as to say that he'd like me to not wear it anytime we're in public together. (Note to self: For the next week, do not cook any food that DS#1 likes. Better yet, Do not cook for the next week. They can all suffer.)

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