Saturday, January 09, 2010

Panic time!

I have 30 minutes until we leave for a soccer game and have nothing to knit!

Should I:

1) Take the fair isle hat which needs to be done on Monday but the gauge is too big so I need to frog and start over, and maybe add a couple of stitches and find the smaller needles? Phew, that's way too complicated to do at a soccer game where I'm sitting on the floor.

2) Start a new pair of socks, which are on my list but the skein still needs to be wound into a ball (now there's only 27 minutes left). Not enough time.

3) Start a new hat that can be done by Monday but which wasn't on my list. That will involve stashing diving. (25 minutes).

4) Take nothing since I'll be sitting on the floor, anyway. But I may have down time. Sitting in a chair. Getting twitchy if I have nothing to do.

Maybe I should eat lunch. And get dressed. (24 minutes).

It's panic time!

Maybe I should take a nap (my defense mechanism when things get too stressful.)

23 minutes and counting.


Carol said...

I don't know about which project, but you have to take something. I take stuff with me whenever I leave the house.

I always think, "Just in case..." Blessings, Carol

valéria said...

Of course I'm too late to be off any help but next time just lay some yarn and all the things you need to make plain socks in the car. You never might be in a situation that you desperatly need some knitting and then you'll have it with you allways. :o)

Napping during panic time?? how do you do that???

I think you took the tam hope you did ;o)

Lynn said...

So what did you end up doing???