Monday, January 11, 2010

What I took and what I did

Taking up where I left off....

In the 23 minutes I had left before last Sat's soccer game, I did some stash diving to find some new yarn to make DD#1 a cabled hat (option #3). Nothing struck my eye (note to self: must buy yarn) and I realized that it would be quicker to look for some smaller needles.

So I did.

And I took the fair isle hat (option #1).

And didn't knit on it until after the game in the lobby.

And then lost an earflap. (Can you imagine someone finding a triangle-ish piece of knitted fabric and trying to figure out what it was and what it was doing there?)

That evening I worked on it some more.
I got the earflaps (all 3 of them) and a couple of inches of hat done that night.

The next day I had to make some goodies to go with the hat (since a package to a child really must include something edible). Both recipes I got from Bakerella.

This one is called Christmas crunch.

I used white candy melts, pretzels, crispix cereal, and a bag of trail mix.

Also, I made brownie bites. I've made cake bites a couple of times, but this is the first time for brownies. I can't find the recipe, but it's like cake bites except using a brownie mix, baked, and 8 oz. of cream cheese.

(As I was looking for the recipe I found this one that I might have confused it with. This is the same thing but with Oreos instead.)

Of course, I saved some for us.

By the time I got done doing all that, plus finding clean work clothes, basketball practice jersey, signed a permission form, and all the other various "getting ready for the next day" things that we do, it was 9:30 pm.

Time to finish the hat.

I was up until 12:45 am, but it got done.

It's a tight fit, but she has a small head, so hopefully it will work.

Pattern: ear flap hat. This is the Ravelry link, the direct link isn't working for me.
Size 8 needles.
Patons classic wool for all, colors chosen by DD.

Added 2 sts to pattern that repeats 3 times for a total of 6 sts. Should have added more--it's still rather tight. Doubled yarn for earflap and 17 sts, 3 ridges of garter stitch at botttom rather than st st. Star decrease at top (had 81 sts so decreased every 9 sts, etc.) 330 wraps for pompom, 9 strands of pink, doubled over, for the braids.

The package got in the mail today (including her contacts--the orginal reason for the package) and I came home from work and took a nap.



Lynn said...

I LOVE Bakerella!!! I did her cap pops for a friend's graduation; want to do the same for another friend's anniversary.

Lynn said...

ACK! Hit enter too quickly. LOVE that hat! You did a great job on it and she's gonna love her care package!