Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hats, hats, hats

While procrastinating over the sweater, I made a hat or two. Or three.

This is my favorite, made from Caron Simply Soft Shadows in the 0004 Autumn colorway. It's 100% acrylic, but oh-so-soft. It looks perfect in this pattern called The Perfect Beret. (This is a ladies medium done as written.)

I got on this hat kick after a talk with DD#1. She mentioned that her friend really liked one of her hats that I've made, and how she would love one herself.

Since I knit for charity all the time, I figured it would just be the same to knit for a college kid--that's pretty close to charity after all. (Especially with today's tuition prices.)

However, she will never see this one, it's now DD#2's. (I told her she could have first pick and this is what she chose.)

But, the friend might pick this one. It's Mustikka by Suvi Simola.
Yarn is Patons Classic wool. Pattern done just as written with size 4 and 6 circs and sz 6 dpns.

Or this one. Another Unoriginal hat.

Doubled Chaco yarn, knitted as written. I've made this with homespun before and it's been larger. This one is almost not large enough.

And if you're head is cold, put them all on at the same time!

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