Sunday, January 03, 2010

1st FOs of 2010

I present to you my first finished objects of 2010.


They're a bit shy, but when they come out of their hole, they look like this:

Bunny nuggets! (Rav link) Seriously, that's the name. Don't they totally look like nuggets?

I just kinda made them and then they said they were for DD#2's friend who loves orange, so they are going to her tomorrow.

DD#2 thinks the ears look rather evil, but I think they're just quirky.

Orange Plymouth Encore, size 4 dpns, as written for the larger nugget, 16 sts and 10 rows K for the smaller one. 4 st I-cord for larger ears, 3 st I-cord for smaller. Homemade pompoms that actually look like pompoms and not like a bunch of stringy yarn. (25 wraps around 2 fingers for larger, 20 wraps for smaller, tie really tightly and cut very short.)

DD#2's question: Who gets the koala bear? huh? huh?

Sigh. I see more tiny toy knitting in my future.


valéria said...

Oh those are funny.... I'm going to make those...but fill them with rice and use them as handwarmers for in my DS's pockets...this is fun. thanks :o)

Ariel said...

Too cute, I fav'd them on Ravelry. Thanks!!!

Lynn said...

These are adorable!!! I love these and the little turtle too!