Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Roundup

Where did April go? Wow, that was fast.

Let's see what I knit in April:

1. I "fimished" 3 pairs of charity socks. (That typo is what I get for not wearing reading glasses when I proofread.) The red/white/blue pair have been blocked and are now approximately the same size. Next time I'll try to grab all needles of the same size.

2. A somewhat secret project for my new niece. A picture should be coming soon. (It's ready for the mail, so as soon as I think it got there then I can post.)

3. Spring Thaw socks for me. As beautiful as they are, they made me not want to do twisted ribbing for a very long time.

4. Walking in the Maize short socks. For me, again. The real test will be if they can stay on my feet properly when I'm at work. I'll test them out this week.

5. The Lucy bag. It's been felted and dried. Look at the size difference:

I tried to get more pictures, but I guess I need to wait for daytime. I can't tell you how much this design tickles me.

This must've been a "for me" month. That's okay. But I'm ready to do some "for others" next month.

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