Thursday, April 30, 2009

Off work

Today I'm off work. Meaning, my real job, but also I'm not doing a lot at home. The work I've been doing at home consists of laundry and catching up on emails.

For those of you with kids that do sports, you know how challenging it is to have a clean uniform. (Well, that's true for my job too. I guess the statement should read: keeping up with my laundry is a challenge.) This season, DS#2 is playing baseball and soccer, and DD#2 is playing softball. Not only do I have to get the uniform clean, but also the socks. And, the biggest challenge is finding the socks. I need to wash a red PAIR, a green PAIR, and a black PAIR.

I should point out here that DS and DD do help at times, but when it's game day (3 hours countdown), I can't wait for them to get home from school to start the laundry.

In between the laundry, I've been trying to freecycle a bunkbed. Freecycling a great tool to get rid of stuff, especially stuff that's bigger than you want to haul yourself. I'm having trouble today, though, connecting with people who want it and can come when I'm home. I've been contacting them and then hovering around the computer waiting for a reply. It's like waiting for water to boil: it never seems to happpen soon enough.

In between laundry loads (since the washing machine has a shorter cycle than the dryer I could sneak this in), I felted my Lucy bag. It's now drying, but here a picture as the way it was pre-felting.

There is a long strap and a short strap and the long strap is 40" long. I felt (haha) like I was making a whole scarf just to do the one strap.

Then, I thought you'd like to see DS#1's recent craft.

I needed to borrow his car (round robin car problems at our house. Good thing DS is home with an extra car and only allowed to do local driving.) I went to bed before he got home, so he actually made this pompom as a keychain and hung it over his doorknob for me to find the next morning.

Really. He made the pompom just so I could find his key. (He wanted to prove he was paying attention when I showed him how when I made his ski hat pompom a few months ago.)

Well, better get back to my laundry. I have to focus on finishing two loads as a lonely red sock didn't make it into the first one.

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