Monday, April 13, 2009

Good knitting week

This week should be a good knitting week. I'm away on a trip for 5 days with not much to do but sit around. However, I only brought 3 knitting projects. I'm a bit worried. Will that be enough?

I'm away on a trip with DS#1 for his elbow surgery. (edited to note: I had originally wrote DH#1 which is totally wrong. I only have one Husband while I have 2 Sons. And it's the son with the surgery.) We shared a suitcase since I'll have to manage it by myself on the way back. We were going to use a smaller suitcase, but I really needed to bring a second pair of shoes. You know, the ones that show off my socks. I could've gotten by with just tennis shoes, but that's just not as much fun. (I also needed to fit in a couple of boxes of Pop Tarts and some pumpkin bread. Plus the knitting projects that took the most time to decide on. Also, sharing the suitcase means giving him a small spot for his stuff.)

The main project that I need to finish is for my new niece. It's actually the second project that I've made since the first one got too small while I procrastinated on mailing it. It was really cute, too. But I'll save it and instead make something that might actually be big enough.

The other two projects are both socks. I'm still working on the second sock of the leaf socks and have reached the first leaf. This is my project when I need something to do besides st st.

I also brought a pair of UFO socks that I started last spring.

All three projects have been worked on today. It's a good way to keep the boredom from striking. (For me, not for you. I realize that this is a boring post. Somehow the lack of pictures is throwing me off. That, and the fact that I'm using a laptop with the built-in mouse. It's the minor things that get to me. So, sorry.)

So, we'll see how much I can get done this week.

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