Monday, April 20, 2009


I'm back from the Ohio adventure. DS was a good patient and is recovering well. I spent way too much time eating and watching TV. However, I didn't seem to knit more than normal which doesn't make sense.

I do have two finished items, though. A pair of socks (that will be shown later after I've had a chance to wash them), and a baby thing.

Here's a bit of a picture of the finished item that I made my new niece. I'll post a better picture after I've mailed it, in case I spoil the surprise. (Hopefully I can mail this one before it gets too small.)

The other thing we brought home is DS's new elbow. Check it out in his new "RoboCop" brace. (Everything's fair game for a blog--but I promised to cut out his head.)

One week down, three more weeks to go and then it comes off. It'll be a year of recovery, but so far, so good.

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valéria said...

Glad that everything is Ok and also glad to read from you again :o) Wishing all the good healing fibes to your son and I'm very curious about the sweet pink knitting :o)

Take care :o)