Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One lost needle

While I spent yesterday switching back and forth between 3 projects, today was spent with only one. They're the UFO socks that are very short, cotton summer socks. I spent most of the day knitting them at the surgery center where DS had his Tommy John surgery. The surgery went very well and I actually watched it live on a monitor. He has a DVD of it so when he's well enough he can see exactly what was done. It was very weird in an interesting way. OR Very interesting in a weird sort of way. I wasn't sure I wanted to see anything about it, but I guess I'm glad I did. However, I won't be cooking roast beef anytime in the near future. 'Nuf said.

I was shuffled back and forth between the different waiting rooms and at one point I realized I had lost a knitting needle. (A new Knitpicks shiny metal dpn needle.) I asked the nurse if she could go back and look at the last place I'd been.

Excuse me, I know you're taking care of people who've just had operations on their elbow/knee/shoulder and are doing really important work right now, but....could you look for my knitting needle for me?

It was found down the side of the couch. (That would hurt if sat on. I'm glad I didn't just let it go as I was tempted.)

Son doing well, knitting needle found, and lots of knitting time for me. A good day.

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valéria said...

Hi ruth,

happy that everything is ok with your DS#1 :o) and hopefully no operations anymore??? I think very great of you that you were able to see someone else operating on your son. I guess I would feel very very odd and am sure if given the option I would decline.....brrr...no knives near my son.

But other operations??? very very interesting and sometimes my dh comes inside while I'm looking at ER things on the tv and says...yeck...what are you looking?? giving me the you odd woman look....

Happy knitting and am glad you've your knitting needle back and that it wasn't sticking in someones behind of sitting on it ;o)

Have a great knitting time and take care.