Sunday, April 26, 2009

The annual flower show

Here's my annual flowers post. This is the sum of the flowers that grow in my yard. So, Janice, don't be jealous, but enjoy them. They'll only last for a week and then my yard will be back to the drab nothingness.

Pictures are by DD#2, as is becoming a tradition. They've been downsized, but otherwise completely unretouched. She's just that good as a photographer. (Now if only she was that good at cleaning her room!)

The azalea bush has about one more day before it's at its peak. I never trimmed it last year so it's big and bushy.

(We almost got a picture of a big black snake that was in it today. It was shoed from the back yard and it slithered around to the front and climbed into the bush. Good thing DH was home to deal with it, or I might've had to call on my snake-killer neighbor!)

The lilac bush peaked a couple of days ago.

And a little violet was found.


Lynn said...

Tell DD#2 she did a fantastic job taking pictures!!!! Love the azaleas. Can't seem to grow them though. Other people can, but not me.

Carol said...

Those are great pictures!

Donna Mc said...

Oh, Ruth thank you for sharing your blog! It has given me a real insight into the things you are most passionate about. I am impressed at your talent for the writen word and the knitting blows me away! Very professional photos!!
Beautiful flowers!!