Monday, February 02, 2009

Ski hat

This morning, I thought I worked half an hour earlier than I actually did, so I thought I'd have enough time to blog.

Which I don't. So... the words will be coming later. In the meantime, feel free to fill in your own story. :)
I'm back. Continuing on...

I reknit DS#1's ski hat pattern is here after finishing most of it the last time. I wanted to see the sizing and I was so close to being done that I just did one of the earflaps. It was too small so I stuck with my plan, ripped it out, and reknit it on 9s, still going from the top down.

This time it turned out okay, so I made a matching pompom.

DS wanted a really big pompom, so I made a cardboard template, then wound the yarn around 330 times.

I very carefully left a double stranded tail to be used for tying.

The yarn was slid off the cardboard and tied tightly together.

The yarn was then cut apart, including two of the ties. Sigh. Nothing comes easy.

I had two pieces of yarn left, and they seemed sturdy so I used them to sew it on (and didn't even hide the ends 'cause I forgot.)

The verdict? It worked well on the skiing trip. The pompom stayed on and the wool made the hat warm but still breathable.

Changes? The two "pigtails" could be thicker. This time I used 6 strands of yarn that were doubled over and braided. Also, the earflaps could still be thicker. I used garter stitch, but next time I might do it with two strands.

The yarn? All worsted weight on size 9 needles. Hunter green Brown Sheep and white Chaco for the main color work, black Cascade 220 for the diamond colorwork band, the pigtails and the pompom. (I finished this Friday so it counts for a January project.)

(And if any of you is wondering....I made it to work on time.)

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