Friday, February 06, 2009

Is K any better?

Lynn thought the R post was funny. Actually, she thought it was ROTFL, which starts with the letter R. (haha, funny girl.) She wondered if the letter K would be any better. I wondered too, so I started to brainstorm with DD#2 yesterday. We came up with a whole bunch of words like Kandy, and Khocolate, Kanoeing and Kamera. However, other than those made-up words we didn't do so good. I'll try again today.

10 Things I like starting with the letter K:
1. Knitting (it would be sad if I missed this word.)
2. Krispy Kreme doughnuts
3. rice Krispies
4. Knick-Knacks (and my house has way too many of them)
5. Keeping the peace
6. Koala bears
7. Kangaroos
8. Kitchnering (notice the title said "like" and not "love". There's definitely a use for Kitchnering and I can do it without stressing out.)

(Pausing here to ask my family. They came up with Kouch, Kubicle, Kandles, and Kook. Maybe I should do the letter C.)
9. Klondike bar (contributed by DS#2).

(Dinner was ready. Using this as a conversation topic, they further came up with
Kites, Klutz, and
10. Kids. I like my kids!

So, was K any better?

Not really, but it provided some dinner conversation!

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Lynn said...

Glad I was able to provide some wholesome family entertainment! LOL