Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Roundup

It's that time of month again. You know, a couple of days into the new month when I realize that I never did the previous month's roundup. So, here it is.

I finished:

--A camera bag for DD#2 who can already take better pictures than me (not that that's hard to achieve.)

--Three thorpe hats--2 are plain and 1 is fairisle. These are for charity and were mostly knit on "Knit for Others" Sundays.

Four more toddler charity hats as I couldn't get too much of the hats and kept using up the stash. (Can I see a dent in what's left? Not really. The space was taken up by several eBay purchases.)

I was on a fairisle kick as I finished a hat for DS#1, just in time for his snowboarding trip. (Literally. I put the pompom on about 2 hours before he left. Good thing I could still attach the pompom or I might not have made it.)

Pieces worked on this month include a couple of squares, several fish, and a piece of my first handspun sweater.

And one more hat was done, using the yarn I just spun.

Happy Birthday Janice! Hopefully it looks better as your hat than as my dreadlocks.

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