Saturday, February 07, 2009

I see a swatch on the horizon

I've made two more eBay yarn purchases and now I say "stop!" (At least until I get more money in Paypal.)

These two purchases were bought to be used together in making the Mirepoix Bodice from IK Fall '07. This is my first major colorwork project and I'm a little nervous. Plus, I'll be steeking and I've NEVER done steeking.

These five skeins were bought as a set and will be used for the colorwork. I'm not really sure about the two yellows, but I really like the teals.

Here are 10 skeins of steel grey for the ribbing. (I have enough to do the sleeves, but I'm only going to do a vest.)

I just got the grey a couple of days ago (or maybe yesterday), so I haven't got up the nerve to try them out yet. Next up is winding the first 5 into balls and knitting a swatch. (Yes, I can't skip swatching this time.)

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