Thursday, February 05, 2009

The painful letter R

A couple of days ago (okay, several), I read Lynn's blog where she did a meme on the letter B. Deciding I wanted to play, I left her my name and she gave me the letter R.

In the couple of days that's passed (okay, several), I should've been at least thinking about it, but I wasn't.

Anyway, here's 10 things I like all starting with the letter R, as typed by thinking off the top of my head.

1. Remodeling. (Not really, I hate remodeling--at least the process of. I just had to pause here to wipe off the excess stain from my quarter round molding that I totally forgot to do.)

Here we go:

1. The letter R. It's one of my favorite letters of the alphabet, mostly because my name starts with that letter. (Just like my favorite number is 12 which is my birthdate.)

(Another pause...I had washed my hands, but apparently missed a spot. Anyone want to see what color I'm staining?)

2. Rhubarb pie. Yum.

3. Raspberry pop tarts.

4. Ravelry. I especially love the pattern searches to see how real people's stuff turned out and what yarn they used.

5. Reading.

6. Random. I like to be random. A lot.

Wow. I have absolutely no knowledge of any words that I like that start with the letter R. I can list more that I don't like: running, Reno, rutabaga, retching, rebel.

Hold on while I consult my dictionary.

7. Right. I like to be right. And even when I'm wrong, I'm right. (It said so right in the dictionary.)

8. Raggedy Ann. (I got this from searching a recipes website where there's a recipe for Raggedy Ann cookies. Mmmm...) She was one of my favorite dolls growing up and I read all the books.

9. Red. Especially red yarn. I like to keep a skein or two of Cascade 220 on hand--you never know when you need a good red. (I didn't find this in the dictionary, I thought of it all by myself. I even thought about if it was really true until I finally decided that it is.)

Hmmm..... recess (any kid's favorite)....rainbows (I like rainbows, but not enough to make this list)... raindrops, oh, I know....

10. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens....these are a few of my favorite things. (I love the Sound of Music!)

Okay, that was painful, but I finally made it to 10. If you want to try, leave me a comment and I'll give you a letter. (Although, I'd also be interested if you can come up with 10 better R things. But I understand if you don't.)

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Lynn said...

ROTFL!!! (starts with the letter R!) I didnt realize that the letter R would be so difficult for you. However you did a great job and it resulted in a funny post!! Would K have been better?!?