Sunday, February 15, 2009

I had nothing to knit

This is my excuse and I'm sticking with it. I had nothing to knit, so I had to cast on for another project.

Here's my proof:

My fish are multiplying. In fact, I've used up all my right-sized oddballs and am not ready to use a bigger skein of yarn, so I couldn't knit fish.

My Cobblestone pullover has almost run out of yarn. This is sad, considering that I'm a way, far away, from even close to being done. I have more roving to spin more yarn, but it's not done yet. I've started to spin, and have spun about 3 little skeins, but they haven't been washed. So, no knitting on the Cobblestone until the skeins are ready.

I have swatched for my Mirepoix vest. However, I can't even start the grey ribbing yet since I don't have a 24" size 3 circular. (The only reason I can come up with that I don't have one is that when would I even be crazy enough to do a sweater on 3s? Apparently that time has come.)

I made a trip to my LYS to get the 3s. They didn't have any. While there, I picked up two more colors for the fairisle portion of the vest. I should have one main color (in my case, grey) plus 6 contrasting colors that are two shades of 3 colors. I have 5 contrasting colors that are 3 shades of one color and 2 of another. This is giving me anxiety trying to figure out where to use each color. I've colored out a chart on graph paper, but really, the best way is just to knit a bit. I'll try again soon, after I recover from my anxiety. Maybe the two additional colors will make it better. Or maybe I'll save them for baby booties.

To start this vest, I have to wait for my 3s which I've ordered from knitpicks. (A couple of extra items may have jumped into my shopping basket also.)

The Hedera socks are also in progress. This is the second sock, but after doing this much lace in one day, I couldn't do any more. (Take a look at my bent needle--I stepped on it a couple of days ago and bent 2 needles and broke a pair of reading glasses. On the upside of things, I didn't get hurt. Just annoyed. Who leaves my knitting on the floor where anyone can step on them? Oh, that would be me.)

These are my reasons, therefore, that I started a new project. It's a cabled hoodie that'll I'll give away somewhere when I'm done. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the simple stitches that come without too much thinking.

Now I have something to knit.


Lynn said...

I agree, with all the issues that the previous projects are giving you, you didn't have anything to knit that wouldn't cause lots and lots of anxiety.

Diane said...

Have you started enough things? Maybe one or two more? Looks like my house where I've got about 6 different things going. So what did I work on over the weekend? Casted on an alligator scarf for my grandson. Why finish anything when there are empty needles just waiting to be filled with yummy yarn? That's my story and I'm sticking to it.