Monday, February 09, 2009


After my last blog (see below), I walked around my house looking for someone to make me the brownies. DH was hiding from me and DS#2 is away at space camp. (Really! A week at space camp! The house is lonely without him. Plus, there's no one to take out the garbage. We debated on whether to let it pile up for the whole week so he could have a welcome home present on Friday, but decided it would get way too smelly. Actually, that's what I decided. DS#1 thought we should just empty it on whoever gives in first, which I'm sure means me.)

DS#1, when asked if he'd read my blog, "Why would I read your blog?" (It's not as though it was even hard, I left it up on the screen that all he had to do was sit down at the computer and he was bound to notice it.)

Feeling that he was a lost cause, I hunted down DD#2 (my best bet anyway.)

Her answer was "maybe....." and she walked away.

I didn't give up so easily, though, and kept at her the next day until she finally gave in. Ah, persistance and a mother's guilt are wonderful things.

Really, though, if you're going to lick the bowl in plain sight, don't think you can hide behind the bouquet of daisies and think I can't see you.

The brownies were good. (I think they were cooled by now, but just barely.)

Knitting? I did a bit of knitting at DD#2's basketball game. (Which they won, oh by the way, beating the number one team.)(You can't see DD in this picture, so don't even try.)

Most of the time I spent tangling my yarn around my purse.

I'm quite talented to do so much tangling in such a small amount of time.

The shirts were made by DD#2 for us to wear as we cheer at her games. (DD#1 and DS#2 both have them too, but we missed the one photo opportunity when we were all in the same place at the same time.)

I'll try to get the back view once DS#2 gets back from space camp. Have I mentioned that he's at space camp?

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valéria said...

I want to adopt your DD2 and throw in some malabrigo as well for exchange. That brownies looks good....I'm hungry now...yeah..thanks ;o)

oh by the way come on to my blog and take your award ;o)