Tuesday, December 09, 2008

You Nork Mets

Look what came in the mail:

Sock yarn from Knitivity. The color is called You Nork Mets. How cool is that?

I wasted no time in winding it into a center pull ball.

The next day, I knitted it up.

Usually when I buy a skein of yarn, I buy it with a pair of socks in mind. After the socks are knitted, I have leftover yardage that I use here and there as the mood hits.

This time, I used the leftover bits first.

Little baby booties with Mets socks attached.

Pattern: Baby Moc-a-Soc from Bekah Knits, following the pattern as written. I had the Moc part already made up in Baby Ull so when I was ready to make the Soc part, it was a quick knit.

This is going to the soon-to-be newest Mets fan (aka nephew due in March).

Now....what to do with the rest of the yarn?

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Diane said...

I started a pair of socks for my brother with Ray's yarn and after I almost finished the first one I decided that it was far too nice to give to my brother so I'm going to frog it and make myself a pair of fingerless gloves. Does that make me a bad sister? I'm using the arguement that he's never worn hand knit socks before and if he doesn't like them I would have used a skein of yummy yarn only to have it sit in his sock drawer forever.