Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Opportunity was there, knitting was missing

I had two appointments today: the eye doctor and the dentist.

Last Tuesday I managed to poke myself in the eye and lose my contact. It's taken until now to get an appt. and then will take another week for the contacts to arrive. In the meantime I've been wearing my regular glasses. Uggh. Sometimes I double layer them with my reading glasses, and sometimes I double layer them with my sunglasses. Sometime I have my glasses on my nose and my reading glasses on the top of my head. It's an attractive look. Especially when I'm at work.

I went straight from the eye doctor to the dentist. I was informed that the dentist was running 45 min. to an hour late and I could reschedule if I chose. Forget it! It's way more trouble to reschedule the appt. (and then remember to go) than to just sit there for another hour.

Which I did.


I managed to forget my knitting at home.

Both places had uninteresting magazines from at least six months ago. One place had a Time magazine that I read the last time I was there.

(The last time I was at the dentist's, I was told I'm grinding my teeth. I totally denied that I was doing that. However, in the next few days I've discovered that in fact, I am. Not while sleeping. Not while under stress. But, I find myself singing a song in my head and grinding my teeth in rhythm. Seriously? How weird is that? Is this just another way I've found to fidget--this time with my teeth? Is this what happens when I don't have my knitting around?)

Two things this has taught me:
1. Knitting will save my sanity and my teeth!
2. Always keep some spare knitting in the car!

And how was your day?


valéria said...

Umpfff didn't read you really poked your eye...I'm sorry I read one posting at a time because I want to understand right what you're writing and take my time to enjoy.

Hope everything is fine? And I'm sorry about your eye....

Diane said...

I refer to those as the germ infested magazines. I was at the doctor's office on the 26th and managed to get a lot done .... during my 2 hrs in the waiting area. UGH.