Monday, December 22, 2008

Our recent trip

This will be mostly a non-knitting blog post, as I catch ya'll up on what I've been doing.

First, work. At a retail store. During December and before Christmas. When several people have either quit or been let go. 'Nuf said?

Next, we took a trip to Miami.

Our main stop was here:

To see this:

If you look closely, you can see DS#1 on the big screen, shaking hands with Donna Shalala, the president of UM, congratulating him on his GRADUATION!


Even though he has that professional baseball career, he still has a slightly panicked, "gee, what's next in life" look to his eyes. Plus the whole "I'm glad finals are finally over so I can catch up on sleep" look around the edges.

How many campuses have palm trees growing? (Probably a lot in the south, but it's new to me.)

While in Florida, we decided to take a trip to Key West. Here we are at the buoy that designates the southernmost point of the continental U.S. (Take a close look-- DD#1 and DH are in this picture--they don't show up very often as one is camera shy and the other is never home.)

We went to Mile 0 of route 1, which starts the highway which goes up to Canada, I believe. (Not completely sure, but I think so.)

We spent some time at the beach where DH took some cool photos. Here's one:

The weather was overcast and breezy for most of the time. However, it still didn't seem like mid-December. It just didn't seem right looking at Christmas decorations while we had flip flops on. It was a shock to arrive back home in 30 degree weather, with the temperature in the teens this morning. It is Christmas time, after all.

(I guess it's a totally non-knitting post. I'll save the knitting photos, such as they are, for the next one.)


Lynn said...

UofM is a gorgeous campus. Congrats to him!! Growing up in Miami you get used to seeing palm trees around. Living in Orlando, I miss them. We have a few, but not all palms can handle the cooler temps here. Love the KW pic. I have the same ones of my family at the southern most point and also the one of mile marker 0, but mine has a bum sleeping under it! LOL

Diane said...

Yes Rt 1 goes from the Florida keys all the way through Maine to the Canadian border. It's interesting to drive but you have to watch out for speed traps in those little southern towns.

Bet you hated coming back to the cold.