Sunday, December 14, 2008

Birthday Spoils

Just thought you'd like a peak at what I got for my birthday this year from the people that know me the best.

An expresso machine and some chocolate (yes, I haven't eaten it yet. Maybe tonight. I have to plan these things out.) It's taken me two days to take the picture since the expresso machine always needs to be cleaned. I'm getting good use out of it already.

Also, the new 2009 page-per-day calendar from the Yarn Harlot. (I haven't opened that either. I've been good. And DD#2 has been guarding it since she thinks I should read it one day at a time like it's designed. We'll see. She has to go to bed sometime.)

I also received 3 more penguins for my penguin collection. We've named them Happy, Confused, and Slim.

DH and I both happened to have the day off so we went to the mall in an attempt to go Christmas shopping. We didn't get much accomplished but we did have a nice lunch. And we made it back home in time for the school buses. The kids made me cake and we got takeout for supper. The evening was spent knitting and watching TV. Ahhh....what a nice day.

And here's a Shout Out to my twin cousin--Happy Happy Birthday!

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