Friday, December 26, 2008


Nov. 17:

Remember this? This was a Christmas present for my brother.

It unrolls to something very long.

15 feet, to be exact.

Did anyone guess that it was a Doctor Who scarf? Doctor Who is a British science fiction series that has been going on for at least 18 seasons. There are different versions of the scarf that the Doctor wears, but this is from season 12.
I followed along on the pattern, trying to buy the correct colors (almost everything is Vanna's Choice yarn. See my Ravelry entry for more details.) This was started on Oct. 21 and finished on Nov. 17. Not too bad!

However, I made one really big mistake. The pattern calls for doing the colors by the number of ROWS, and somehow I read that to be the number of RIDGES. I was sure I was right, but somehow I was wrong. Anyway, this meant that the stripes are each TWICE AS LONG as they were supposed to be.

When it's 15 feet long, there's no such thing as a do-over!
Dec. 26:

My brother almost guessed what this was. First, it was a "hmm....I wonder what this is.....", then he rolled it out and put it on. He thought it reminded him of a scarf that Doctor Who wears. That's guessing very well after not having any idea of what it was! (I won't hold my breath that he wears it, but it might be handy in a snowstorm!)


Lynn said...

Oh this is FANTASTIC!!!!

valéria said...

This is funny and I love it. And oh my ruth I just think you're amazing knitting this in such a short time without poking your eyes out with your knitting needles....oh my such a long shawl and deep bow to you for making this shawl. Yep your brother can always use it to cover his whole body up with this ;o)