Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December roundup

Here it is, the last day of December. My, how time flies.

I didn't go overboard on knitted Christmas gifts, and they were done ten days early. And I didn't add any on at the last minute. These are the socks that I haven't shown to you yet, for my friend with the tiny feet!

Patons Kroy yarn, size 1 needles(which worked much better than 2s). Basic pattern, but with a short row heel and a star toe.

I'm making an attempt to set aside Sundays to do some charity knitting, and as a result I did four hats and a vest. (If I wanted to go now and hide some ends, I'd have a couple more hats. Instead, I'll put them on next year's count so it looks like I've been knitting really quickly in '09.)

A pair of moc-a-socs for a niece to be born in March.

Three dishcloths.

Also, I've worn out (and thrown away) the first dishcloth that I've made for me (and used).

A pair of Kroy socks for me! (And a partridge in a pear tree).


valéria said...

that's very pretty, love your dishclothes. Lucky friend with those nice socks :o) Lovely.

Lynn said...

Isn't it nice when they have small feet?? And I agree, the Kroy does better on size 1s than 2s, but they are better than the recommended 3s! That's a nice colorway too, not what you would think when you look at the skein.