Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 roundup

Here's where my monthly roundups come in handy. I was able to look back and add up all that I've knitted this year. Here's my list:

6 pairs of adult socks
3 scarves
4 pairs of baby booties
2 shrug
1 shawl
2 baby afghans
3 adult sweaters
11 dishcloths
1 camera bag
1 pair of mittens
a bunch of chair socks
1 hat

I also made a bunch of toddler stuff for charity:
15 pairs of socks
3 vests
8 sweaters
9 pairs of mittens
9 hats

My trend is to make lots of smaller stuff and not as much larger stuff. I don't see that changing in '09, either (blame my short attention span.) However, I'm tossing around the idea of making an afghan for me, which definitely won't be small.

My goals for '09:

1. I'm going to try steeking. (I'm already feeling the anxiety). I might do a teddy bear sized sweater to attempt the steeking without having to do all the fair isle knitting that a larger sweater would require.

2. I will finish that sweater made with my handspun yarn. (after I start it, of course.)

3. I will knit enough from my stash that my yarn will fit in the four bins that I have. (Rather than in the four bins plus those bags over there. Oh, yeah, and that bag over there.... It's not like I have 20 bins worth, or anything, so I should be able to achieve this goal.)(Wait, I only have 3 bins. One is for roving.)(Does that mean that I can now buy another bin?)

4. I will try to knit for others at least once a week, aiming for Sundays (but it's okay if it's another day.)

That's good enough.

Happy New Year!


valéria said...

Wishing you all the best wishes from us and I think you do a amazing job with all you knit.
Happy new year!!


Lynn said...

Nice amt of projects completed!!! And I'm with you abt the anxiety and skeeting. Hence the reason I dont do it!