Sunday, August 17, 2008

Socks #3 and #4

Today was a day for Olympics overload. As a matter of fact, yesterday was too. And maybe every day since the games began. The TV coverage seems extra good this year. Not only do we get to see the exciting swimming and gymnastic events, but we also get to see events like steeplechase and trampoline and fencing and water polo. Even the marathon was interesting.

I remember way back when Mark Spitz won his gold medals, and tell my kids that they'll remember Michael Phelps accomplishments for the rest of their lives.

I've also made some special things during the various games over the years.

See this afghan?

It was crocheted from January through the Olympics and into March in between finishing my B.S. degree and getting married. This was my wedding present to me. I suppose, it was the handiwork that I brought as my dowry. (Don't worry, DH got another one made 'specially for him the next year.) It took 20 something skeins of acrylic yarn, crocheted in a thick basketweave stitch that I learned in college from Carol. I still have it and use it everyday (even in the summer if the airconditioning is cold, which it usually is.)

This is what I made during the Seoul Olympics of 1988. They were in September that year to avoid the bad weather season (typhoon season? monsoon season? hurricane season? Something bad and wet, anyway.)

The nice thing about that Olympics is that they aired a late night portion of the games from 12-2am, which was great after just having a baby 'cause who can sleep, anyway? In fact, I took a stroll down the hospital hallway around 1am and in each room the Olympics was playing.

I also have my sweater that I knit during the Knitting Olympics of '06. (check out March '06 to see the finished product.)

This Olympics I'm doing socks that will be given away, so I won't have proof, but I will have memories of children with warm feet.

Here's my next pair:

They're the first practice sock from Cat Bordhi's book, done between 5:00pm (when I bought the book) and 12:30 am (when the Olympics was finished for the evening and so was I). (Size 5 dpns and most of the rest of the 3 oz. skein. Four socks out of one skein, with a bit leftover, is not doing badly at all.)

The heel increases are done on the middle of the instep (check out the squashed sock on the left).

There's actually a little sock to do with each new type of increase, so I see more socks in my future.

Here's pair #4:

These were done using 32 sts and sz. 5 dpns. The pattern is just purling each time I reached the brighter blue color. It makes random bumps that wanted to line up a bit too much but were fun to do.

One more to go and my Ravelympics event will be completed. Unless I pull a hamstring (or get carpel tunnel), I should be able to finish.

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valéria said...

Ok now I feel more like a slacker.....not knitting very much lately. Love the sock from cat, I think it's amazing that instep happening there. Another new technic to learn there for me ;-) I've never followed the olympics that much to be able to knit and finish so I'm stunned about you doing so much in such a short time and hope you will not hurt yourself.

I've made a small new blog next to mine existing handige handen. It's over here {url][/url] That's because the mother to be is reading my blog handige handen and I don't want to let her see what I'm making for the baby to come in december. Since she doesn't want to know what she's getting a boy or a girl I'm knitting up diferent colors and after the baby is born I'll take the ones who are fitting to babyboy or girl.

So I'm knitting a small bit inbetween.

My father is at home now and doing fine but I've also been busy with helping my brother in law to move and my friends father died so monday I've to attend for a funeral and every day I'm busy with all kinds of things like tuesday with my father again to the hospital to get rid of the plaster around his leg and so on.

Not much time to blog but I've also updated my handige handen and I hope you forgive me for being not much around lately.

Hope you've a nice day and take care :-)