Monday, August 25, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

As the summer went on, I would occasionally ask DS#2, "Hey, would you like a haircut?"


Alrighty then.

He almost got it cut the week of soccer camp. It was a week of being outdoors all day long (7 hours each day) in 90 degree heat. He had given in and actually asked for a cut, but by the time I could do it, he changed his mind.

"I think I'll keep growing it for a year," he said.

Alrighty then.

He went to school for the first week with nice, long hair. It's actually about the same length as DD#2's. So much so, that I thought you'd like to guess (seeing that you've been doing so well on my quizzes), which one of the following pictures is my son and which is my daughter?

Okay, I suppose it's not really that hard to tell which is which, but you can definitely tell that it's almost the same length.

(I'm adding some space here in case you're actually guessing....)

(sing amongst yourselves.....)

(here we go....)

It was the first picture. Here's the front view. (Goofy smile as usual. It'll make a good blackmail picture for later.)

He didn't really get teased about it. (Other than our family, of course, and we were rather relentless. Except for DH who would chime in to talk about the ponytail that he had in high school and ruin all our carefully planned teasing.)

It finally got too hot and he was ready to have it cut. (The whole "keeping it brushed and looking nice" was wearing on him also.)

This is what we did over the weekend.

(Water bottle shown for scale.)

He was thrilled with the cut and hasn't shown any signs of remorse. He can still fling back his bangs, and flinging is very important in his styling.

Today at school he could pretend he was a new student. At least one kid had no idea who he was.

(DD#2 is a bit sad, she feels like she no longer has a little sister.)(That's right, we were relentless.)


Nancy said...

Know what.... I still wasn't sure which one after he turned around! His haircut looks much better. He sure has grown since I saw him last though. Very handsome.

Diane said...

Relentless? Isn't that what family is for? Teasing so that you grow a thicker skin and can survive in the real world.

valéria said...

Wow...does he look cute...ehm...don't tell. He's cool!!! yeah..tell him that ;-) Good for you that you cut his hair...I wouldn't dare. paul would look like his hair was eaten by rats....and if it was cut with a tornado on see......

Lots of dots here just amazed ;-)

Lynn said...

I guess right! and can I say how HANDSOME he looks with his new cool haircut??? Tell him he looks great!