Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here (not hear) are some socks

For those of you who read this blog, I have a bit of good news. It's news of something that, while I'm the one participating in it, you will be the ultimate beneficiaries. (I hope it will also tell me where the comma goes in the previous sentence, if any.)


I'm taking a grammar refresher course (not coarse).

You're (not your) welcome.

Yesterday was the first day of "class". Since I'm doing it online, class is a relative thing. Lessons (not lessens) are (not our) released twice a week for six weeks and then presto! Your (not You're) grammar is all refreshed.

Can you guess the subject of Lesson (not Lessen) 1?

That's right. Homophones. Words that sound alike but have different meanings. So far, I'm doing okay (this is good since it's (not its) class #1 which (not witch) should be easy.)

Are you tired of reading all my homophones in parentheses? Okay, then, let me show you some knitting.

I've now finished my third pair of toddler socks from my new (not knew)(sorry, I couldn't resist) book. This pair is done using the Sky master pattern.

There are several master patterns in the book. In back section are charts and directions to figure out the numbers to be used in your particular sock (stitches per inch, length of foot, etc.) and then the numbers are plugged into the master sock pattern. (If I had known this, I wouldn't have struggled so much on the last pair. That'll teach me for not looking over the whole book first.)

The gusset increases in this sock are made at the instep's center.

Yes, the sock does look really long and skinny, and it's not just a photography trick. The number of stitches/rows seem to be right according to the charts, so I dunno (not a proper contraction of "do not know").

The yarn, by the way, is the second skein of green yarn that I had previously shown you, but I'm getting tired of green so added some variations to it.

I also dyed this skein:

A pretty tan (dyeing that other skein of ugly light variegated yarn from before.) This will be my next pair of socks.

That'll be four (not for).


valéria said...

I'm already glad that you can read and understand what I you lost me somewhere. But love the socks and hope you've big fun with the lessons ;-)

Cindy said...

Cracked me up. I do love the sock.

Cactusneedles said...

I like your socks! And the lesson!!!