Friday, August 08, 2008

Ravelympics: Opening Ceremony

It's 8/8/08 and the start of the Summer Olympics in Beijing and also the start of Ravelympics. For my Ravelympics event, I'm knitting 5 pairs of toddler socks that will
a) use up some stash
b) complete my 28 pairs of Magic 28 socks and
c) keep five kids warmer this winter.

Even though Ravelympics started at 8am to coincide with Beijing time, I didn't start 'til I was watching the Opening Ceremony tonight.

Actually, I fell asleep, woke at 8:05 pm, ran to get my yarn and needles--okay now, it's time to finally choose the first yarn--and cast on.

Four hours later, I'm finished with my first pair of socks. (Technically, I finished these right after 12am, which put me into Saturday for blogging purposes, but I know how to change the date. And I do it way too often.)

These used 28 sts, sz. 4 dpns, Patons Classic Merino in Denim Marl.

Since I need to knit 10 socks in 17 days, this pair gives me a good head start. Not all will be this simple (but they might be towards the end.)

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Lynn said...

Great socks! And even if they are all that simple, they still look great and will keep kids' feet warm!