Monday, August 18, 2008

Event completed!

My event has been completed! I competed for Team Burnin' Up the Stash in the Gift Knits Pentathlon (I almost wrote decathlon, which would mean another 5 pairs. Phew--good thing I caught that error!) Five pairs of toddler socks have been completed (which also completes my Magic 28 pairs.)

Pair #5:

This is the second pattern from my Cat Bordhi book, called the little Coriolis. If you remember, I made bigger Coriolis's several months ago. These weren't even a repeat, though, as the big pair used 2 strands of sock yarn held together and the little pair used worsted. (that may not sound like a big difference, but all the increases were done differently.)

I also decided to do an extra increase in the toe which change my stitch total, which messed with my brain the whole way through. This was the second teaching sock so there was lots of diagrams about stitch placement and numbers which were all different than what I was using. Add that to the fact that since I knit lefthanded, I had to read all the diagrams backwards. Phew. That'll teach me to just change numbers on the fly.

There are some patterns later on where you can figure out what size you need and use the master plan pattern to fill in the numbers. I may try one of those next.

Not wanting to start them right away, I finished up two more pairs of mittens. They have been waiting in the wings and the blue pair only needed thumbs and the striped pair just needed the ends hidden (that's a really dark green, not a black as you suppose).

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Diane said...

Congrats on completing your event.Those are certainly gold medal socks.