Friday, August 29, 2008

Read the labels

Little mittens and socks have captured my attention the past few weeks. As soon as I was finished with one pair I would cast on for the next. There seemed to be no end in sight. Suddenly, though, I felt done.

Today was a visit to the hospital. Just tests and everything turned out fine. I was the designated driver. As in:
Him: "I can drive myself, you can just stay home."
Me: "Shut up, I'm coming and I'm driving."
See? Designated by me.)

Anyway, the trip provided several hours of knitting time, and since we had to be at the hospital at 6am, I had to pack my knitting last night. I was all ready to pack yarn for another pair of socks, but suddenly I reached for the pattern for the Waffles for Brunch sweater. I added two skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky yarn and needles and was all set.

This morning I double checked the yarn. "Hmmmm..... I have both worsted and bulky weights of this yarn, I better make sure I grabbed the right ones. " I checked a skein, it said bulky, and I was off to the hospital.

Except, (can you tell where I'm going?) I only checked one skein and not both. That's right, one was bulky and one was worsted. (And why were they next to each other in my bin? Why weren't they more separated? What was I thinking? And why am I up so early in the morning?)

The whole skein of yarn was knitted. When I got tired of knitting, I would read and the sweater would become my leg warmer. (This picture was recreated. I didn't actually bring my camera to the hospital.)(I thought about it, but didn't bring it.)

Once I finished the skein, it became a covering for both of my feet.

Why must a hospital be so cold? I was never so happy to get home and find a pair of socks and a blanket.

Now I need to find the other bulky skeins of yarn. This time, I'll read the labels.

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