Friday, December 28, 2007

Present #2

Now that Christmas is over, I can show you one of the presents. (I could show you more but for present #3 I forgot to take pics, and for present #1 I'm still waiting for some photos. ahem, hint, hint.)

This is present #2--a purse for DD#1. She saw mine and loved it, but needed it to go over the shoulder. Hence, endless i-cord straps were knit. (And as it always goes, they stretched and were too big, so were shortened. Dangling ends were left to see if they were the right length. They've now been hidden, so no more stretching will be allowed.)

Here's the inside lining.

Christmas knitting was short and sweet this year. It was nice to have a couple of presents that were handmade without going overboard and getting stressed out. (Painting the living room had enough stress all by itself, and it's not done yet.)

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Allena said...

I love it! the lining is wonderful.