Thursday, December 27, 2007

Modeling session

One of the many nice things about Christmas is spending time with family. And their pets.

Here's the newest addition to the family--getting ready for her photography session.

She's a 4 month old cocker spaniel that's owned and loved by DD#1.

Our 15 year old dog is less than thrilled with her. (As DH says, "Look, Jasper, that devil woman is here again!") He stands and shivers and occasionally runs away. Today he's made progress as he licked her face.

Her shirt describes it all.

A model must change clothes during her photography session, so here is Lucy in the sweater that I made for her.

She's been growing mighty fast, but it still fits.

Here's the Christmas sweater, still big, but fitting okay.


valéria said...

Oh my, she's cute. What a lovely dog. :)

Diane said...

Poor Jasper. Tough to put up with the new girl. I love the sweaters.