Thursday, December 13, 2007

More gift knitting

Not much to show you around here since I've been working on Christmas gifts.

Here's gift #2 (funny picture due to the chalk and charcoal effect which gives it a mystery element.)

It's getting there, but has lots of finishing at the end.

Gift #3:

This has been finished since the picture was taken. I took it to DD#2's choral concert last night. We got there late enough to miss sitting on the hard metal seats and instead sat on the wooden bleachers. My circs were nowhere to be found (which is a little insulting since I just sorted them all, but whatever.). I took my long metal straights....and only dropped one once. Fortunately DS#2 was sitting next to me and was more than happy to go around back and crawl through to retrieve it. So much so, that when he was bored he asked me to drop another. (I didn't).

By the time the concert started, I stopped knitting, which was okay since it was too crowded to do so anyway.

Now I'm packing up some projects for a short trip. Are 4 projects too many for a weekend?

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